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Workshop Tactics

Workshop ideas in your back pocket.

A deck of cards to help you get the best out of people.

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Are your meetings always quick and effective?

Do you always know what to do next?

Is your team confident facilitating workshops?

Your guide to productive time with your team.

Workshop Tactics are carefully curated workshop techniques from successful businesses around the world. Now you can run better meetings and workshops, and get the most out of your team.

Organisations using Workshop Tactics

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Effective workshops in your back pocket

Run workshops the world's most successful organisations depend on.

Be confident in knowing what to do next

Use the cards to plan multiple tactics together to create a workshop strategy. 

Empower your team to facilitate workshops

Clear instructions and no jargon make the exercises accessible to all.

A tactic for every stage of a project

Workshop Tactics helps you ideate, discuss, prioritise, and evaluate.

Concise and straight forward steps

Each Tactic tells you the what and why so you know when to use it. You'll know what you to run beforehand, and how to follow up each workshop. Jargon-free steps help you run the tactic without prior training.

Cards in the deck

Crazy Eights / Mindmapping / Newspaper Headlines / Storyboard / Idea Beetle / Round Robin / Start, Stop, Continue /Assumption Collecting / Empathy Mapping / Five Whys / How might we... plus 30 more!

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