Workshop Tactics

Lead your team with tried and tested tactics.

Workshop recipe cards for agile teams, coaches and consultants.

✅  Easy to run sessions

✅  Eliminate busywork

✅  Plan away from your screen

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Workshop Tactics is built with a system

Choose the right workshop in minutes. A system that’s easy to navigate. Designed to save your team going around in circles.

“The cards are great for team engagement - they make everyone feel included in the design process.”

Liv Morris, Senior Project Manager - Dept Agency

Say goodbye to unproductive meetings.

Meetings are terrible. We know that. They are frustrating and slow. Your team hates them. And instead of solving problems, they become the problem. 

So we did something different. We curated the most useful workshops that your team actually needs day-to-day to design, stay aligned, and move your product forward.

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The easy-to-use strategy makes running workshops feel a lot more accessible.

– James Lindeman, Design Director.

The clear steps are great at encouraging people to think about outcomes and structures of sessions.

– Rachael Shah, Delivery Manager

Shareable cards that boost your team’s confidence.

The key to an empowered team is autonomy and knowledge. When useful resources are hidden away in websites and books, they’re hard to utilise.

With Workshop Tactics, you have that information to hand, which means more effective time with your team — productive sessions that help you design better products.

Without any extra planning, your team can pick up the cards and hit the ground running.

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Workshop Tactics is built to help these roles lead their team

Designers & Researchers

Guide your team through the design process, and get aligned on what you need to research.

Agile Consultants

Mentor others by sharing the right technique to use for their particular objective. 

Product Managers

Improve your team’s happiness and confidence, and help them work on the right thing.

“The team browse the cards together to get clarity on an approach - which you can’t do when it’s hidden away on a website.”

Simon Hurst, UX Researcher

The world’s most useful workshops, in your back pocket.

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