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Workshop Tactics

Join these organisations using Workshop Tactics to improve their products

Your team is drowning in endless meetings that get nothing done.

You have no focus in your meetings. People talk, leave, and then nothing happens. Why? You don't have a strategy.

How can you lead when you have no strategy?

You want to lead your team, but you aren't sure what to do. That's where Workshop Tactics comes in.

Introducing the Workshop Strategy System

Our proven strategy system points you to the tactics you need, so you'll always know what kind of session to run and when.

Select a card. Get results.

The best design work happens together. With the right tactic in hand, you’ll banish dull meetings and build better products.

Finally... you can stop winging it!

Lead your team through the design process with Workshop Tactics - and become a confident product leader.

Less meeting, more doing

Every tactic gives you an outcome that pushes your team forward.

Eliminate uncertainty

The Workshop Strategy System ensures you run the right session.

Boost your team's confidence

Ideas in your back pocket makes them easy to share with your team.

How to start building better products

1. Get a deck for your team

Become the proud owner of your very own Workshop Tactics deck.

Pre-order now

2. Choose a tactic

Use the Workshop Tactics® Strategy System to plan which tactics to use.

3. Get results

Run the right session that moves your product forward.

Explore the Tactics

Workshop Tactics is available for free online. Get the physical deck to have something tangible to plan with and share.

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