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Workshop Tactics

The best facilitation tool for workshops and meetings

The best facilitation tool for workshops and meetings

It seems like you have unproductive meetings. You aren't alone.

As a nation we are busier than ever. Time is valuable and time management is a skill that needs to be mastered in order to get the most from life. When on the hunt for workshop ideas, it can be daunting knowing what to run, or exactly how to run it. 

We all want the best from our team, and we all want to get stuff done. Unfortunately, most meetings in the modern workplace are plagued with nuisance. Late arrivals. Loud voices. Bored colleagues.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Are your meetings productive?
  2. How much time do you spend preparing workshops in advance?
  3. Is everyone at your meeting inspired and motivated?

Could it be that you just need the right facilitation tools for workshops and meetings that will reduce preparation time and make your sessions fun?


Productive time together is vital

We all know that meetings and workshops are important within a business. They are key for moving a business forward. They are also an opportunity for co-workers to bond and have the chance to put their ideas across, making them feel valued. They are safe environments that put everyone on a level playing field, so that even the junior members of the company are given the chance to voice their opinions.

You don’t want to spend time looking for facilitation tools for workshops and meetings. A quick internet search will pull up thousands of tools and techniques. Many of the workshop exercises that can be found online or in business handbooks can be too complicated and time consuming.

Sessions that run for hours are rarely as productive as they could be. Icebreaker games shouldn’t take all morning and with inefficient events crammed with a lot of information and no breaks, participants can become bored, uninspired and unfocused.


Workshop Tactics helps you get the best out of your team

It’s common knowledge that happy, motivated people are the most productive and loyal. Creating shorter events that last for an hour or two (rather than a whole day for example), is the key.

With the right techniques, there is no reason why a shorter session cannot be even more Effective, Efficient, and Easier to run, than a full-length workshop.

So how do you make these abbreviated sessions work for you and give your sessions the three E’s?


Effective, efficient and easy to run workshops

You don't have to be a professional facilitator to get the most out of your meetings. That is why we have created our workshop facilitation cards (Workshop Tactics) – a smart, simple solution that will give your meetings, workshops or events the three E’s.

Workshop Tactics are facilitation tools that will guide you through every event, helping you to get the most of each session. We have trawled through all the various methods, tips and tricks that promise to get you results and selected the ones with proven successful outcomes. So, with all the effort of trial and error removed, preparing for your workshop will be easy. There may even be a few tools and techniques in the box that you’ve never heard of or considered, but we are confident you’ll find them useful and the key to productivity.


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