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Workshop Tactics

About Workshop Tactics

What is Workshop Tactics?

Workshop Tactics is a deck of cards containing step-by-step workshop facilitation exercises. They are expertly curated so that you know exactly what workshop to run, and when to run it.

The cards help you evaluate, understand, generate ideas, prioritise and make decisions 
all are core practices of any innovative and progressive organisation.

Workshop Tactics card deck

What's the story behind Workshop Tactics?

Meetings suck, a lot.

I've sat through hundreds of ineffective meetings. You know the ones I'm talking about. The agenda is derailed by the loudest voice. Strong opinions and differences are never settled. The meeting ends, and you’re not sure you are any closer to where you need to be.

Time is precious, and meetings are a great way of wasting it.

Until one day, a new guy 
Tom started at the agency I was working at. In his meetings, we got stuff done. He commanded the room in a humble yet authoritative manner. You left the room having accomplished something together. We knew clearly what we had to do next.

It was effortless, like he was an actor in a play and we were all part of it. His meetings were the buzz of the office. It felt revolutionary. But they weren't really "meetings". He was running mini workshops. We didn't even realise that, because we were getting stuff done.

I wanted to know how he did it. I wanted to know exactly what workshop to run, and how to run it 
without all his years of experience.

This is how Workshop Tactics was born.

Workshop Tactics Card Close-up

An early version of the Crazy Eights card.

What is the biggest problem Workshop Tactics solves?

I set out to find the simplest and most effective workshops and put them all in one place. In the age of the internet, there is too much information. I wanted to calm things down and bring the best into one place. Most of all, I wanted this all for myself. So just like Tom, I could pull out the right workshop at the right time.

... and that was my light bulb moment. Not only curating the best into one place, but giving guidance on exactly the most appropriate time to use them.

I realised this was something other people would find useful. Even if you are already an expert like Tom. A selected set of workshops in your back pocket not only empowers you, but everyone around you.

Who created Workshop Tactics?

Workshop Tactics was created by Charles Burdett. Charles has years of experience facilitating workshops and meetings. He created Workshop Tactics to help others do the same.

Charles Burdett Portrait
Charles Burdett

Previously a Senior UX Designer at the BBC he helped shape the Bitesize and Teach brands. Before that, he worked at Manchester agency Code Computerlove where he co-created the massively popular Higher Lower Game. He's currently working with Co-op Digital to develop innovations for Co-op Food stores to help customers and colleagues.

Dave Hill
David Hill

The beautiful illustrations and artwork are created by David Hill. David is an Illustrator and Comic Artist based in Berlin, Germany. After graduating with a Masters in Illustration from Sheffield in 2014, he moved to Berlin and became a Freelance Illustrator working in the Editorial, Game Design and Children’s Literature fields. He is currently working as an artist with NYC based mobile game company PlayDots Inc. on their social media content and in-game events such as the seasonal hidden-object hunts in Two Dots.

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Is your team missing this decision-making system?

When you pull out Workshop Tactics from your bag - you'll have the power to guide your team to make the right move. 

The Workshop Strategy system helps you choose the right tactic, so you can literally hand your team the answer on a card.

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