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Assumption Collecting

Assumption Collecting

What is an Assumption Collecting workshop?

This tactic helps you uncover the assumptions you and your team may have about a project.

Declaring what you think to be true at the start of the project to help you identify risks. Having everyone’s assumptions visible early removes any surprises later on.

Try running Problem Statement beforehand to give you a clear problem to start unpacking your assumptions from. Afterwards, prioritise your riskiest assumptions with Assumption Map.

How to run an Assumption Collecting workshop

1. Ensure the workshop includes the project’s key stakeholders. Try Stakeholder Map beforehand to help you invite the right people.

2. Get everyone to answer the following questions on sticky notes and Theme Sort them as they are completed. If needed, rewrite the questions to make them relevant to your project.

Business assumptions

User assumptions

Origin: Giff Constable

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