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Workshop Tactics

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Talk to other new and experienced workshop facilitators in our Slack channel.


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You are about to join a community of like-minded facilitators, team leaders and change makers.

The purpose of this community is so we can learn and improve our craft of getting the best out of our peers and colleagues.

Whether you are completely brand new to all things facilitation, or you are a seasoned facilitator - you are more than welcome to join us.

You will also be able to speak directly to Charles, the curator of Workshop Tactics. He can provide advice and support on facilitation and design processes.

Community guidelines

Community guidelines

By joining the Workshop Tactics Slack, you are agreeing to the community guidelines:



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Is your team missing this decision-making system?

When you pull out Workshop Tactics from your bag - you'll have the power to guide your team to make the right move. 

The Workshop Strategy system helps you choose the right tactic, so you can literally hand your team the answer on a card.

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