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Workshop Tactics



1. Create four columns on a large surface and write Goal, Reality, Options and Will as headings.

2. Agree on a Goal and write it in the first column. Do this by writing in silence on sticky notes and Affinity Sort and Blind Dot Voting.

Is this goal targeting a specific area? How will we measure progress of this goal? Is the goal assignable (who is going to do it)? Is it realistic with the resources we have? Is the goal time-limited? When do we want to see results?

3. Do the same for ‘Realityby answering the following:

What is our starting point? What is happening now (what, who, when and how often)? What is the effect or result of this? Have we already taken any steps towards the goal? Does this goal conflict with any other goals or objectives that we have?

4. Explore the ‘Options’. Use Crazy Eights to help you generate ideas.

What else could we do? What if certain constraints were removed? Would that change things? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? What factors or considerations will we use to weigh the options? What do we need to stop doing in order to achieve this goal?

What obstacles stand in your way?

4. Establish ‘Willby committing to action some of the options. Use Who, What, When to help you clarify.

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