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Workshop Tactics

Hypothesis Statement

Hypothesis Statement

1. As a group, put your riskiest and most unknown assumptions into this hypothesis template:

Because we saw [quantitative/qualitative insight]

We believe [this assumption statement is true].

We will know we’re [right/wrong] when we see the following feedback from the market:

[qualitative feedback] and/or [quantitative feedback] and/or [key performance indicator change].



If you discover that your hypothesis is too big to test with a single statement. It can be helpful to use this format to break the hypothesis down into smaller parts:

We believe that [doing this/building this feature/creating this experience] for [these people/personas] will achieve [this outcome].

We will know this is true when we see [this market feedback, quantitative measure, or qualitative insight].

2. Blind Dot Vote on the hypotheses you’d like to commit to. Create a Prototype Persona to give you direction on who to test with.

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