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Ice Breakers


Ice Breakers

Interesting introductions

Ask the group to introduce themselves with their name and then something interesting about themselves, for example:

...what they had for breakfast; or

...their hidden talent; or

...what their last meal would be

...what super power they would choose


Get comfortable drawing

People will claim they “can’t draw” when sketching out ideas. Show them they can with Squiggle Birds:

1. Ask them to draw random squiggles on the paper.

2. Draw a small triangle on each of the squiggles.

3. Draw two lines for feet. They’ve drawn some birds!


Introduce each other

Ask the group to speak to the person on their left. Inform them that in a few minutes you will introduce each other.

Tip: Don’t spend too long using Ice Breakers. The meeting should warm up on its own naturally, but just one small exercise at the start can make all the difference.

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