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Prioritisation Map

Prioritisation Map

Previous to this exercise, you should have a list of items such as ideas or problems.

1. Draw two axes on a large surface.

Prioritisation Map

2. Pick two criteria your participants find important. Here are some commonly used examples:

Impact / Effort

Risk / Knowledge

Urgent / Important

Business Needs / User Need

Feasibility / User Value

Consequential / Reversible

Cost / Problem

Time to MVP / Market Differentiation

3. Plot your items on the axis by ranking them against the criteria. It can help to ask “is this more or less than this one?” to get a sense of relativity between items.

The value of this exercise is not in the absolute rankings you obtain, but in the discussion your participants will have around it. Make sure you not only capture the ranking, but also the arguments used in the discussion as well.

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