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Workshop Tactics

Reverse Brainstorm

Reverse Brainstorm

1. Identify and write down your problem on a large surface so it’s clear for everyone to see.

Tip: it can be helpful to frame your problem with a How might we... question

2. Reverse the problem statement, for example:

Problem: how might we increase customer satisfaction?

Anti-problem: how might we increase customer dissatisfaction?

3. On sticky notes, collect ideas for the anti-problem. Share each idea as you stick them on the wall.

Tip: if you want to work even faster, use Crazy Eights.

4. Randomly divide the anti-ideas back to the group.

5. Ask the group to reverse the ideas, which will now be real solutions for the actual problem.

Anti-solution: not returning customer calls immediately upon a call request.

Real solution: returning customer calls immediately upon a call request.”

6. Do it again, or evaluate the ideas with Rose, Thorn, Bud.

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