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Workshop Tactics

Service Map

Service Map

1. Find a large surface and mark out six rows.

2. Create the following six rows, and map out the steps in your service for each row.

Service Map

Customer: actions taken in sequence by your customer in a typical scenario. E.g. presses button, waits, enters elevator, presses button, etc.

Front Stage: visible things the customer interacts with at each step of your service, e.g. an elevator button, floor level indicator.

Back Stage: what happens behind the scenes that the customer doesn’t see. E.g. an elevator descending.

Supporting Systems: the technologies or systems that are making the back stage actions possible. E.g. computer software, pulley system.

Ideas: write down ways of improving that part of the service.

Evidence: at the top, attach any photographs that evidence each step to help build a clearer picture of the process.

3. Draw arrows between rows to signify the flow of interaction.

4. Impact Effort Map your ideas to decide which to take forward.

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