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Workshop Tactics

Session Principles

Session Principles

1. Write “Principles” on a whiteboard or a flip-chart.

2. Ask the group for suggestions they can agree on that will make the session more effective.

3. Discuss each principle in brief to ensure there is a shared understanding and there are no differing interpretations or opinions.

4. Explain that throughout the session, it’s okay to pause to ask questions, add to or amend the principles.

It’s important to make the group self-manage the principles. If the facilitator is the only enforcer of the rules, then the rules lose their power.

5. At the end, revisit the principles by asking, “Are our principles still serving us? Would we like to amend or adapt them in any way?


Example principles:

Flexible principles create a container for effective, productive meetings.

No phones or laptops please!

Listen more than you talk

No questions are stupid

Be open and honest

Politely interrupt tangential conversation, keep focused!

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