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Workshop Tactics

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

1. Before starting, you’ll need the desired end-state of your objective. This could be your organisation’s current Objective and Key Results or a team’s future vision of a product.

2. Put a visualisation of the desired end-state on a wall so everyone can see it.

3. Create a quadrant as follows on a large surface:

SWOT Analysis

4. On sticky notes, get the group to spend 5-10 minutes writing down all the Strengths in respect to the desired end state.

5. Do the same for the other sections.

6. Affinity Sort the previous section whilst the group are working on the next one.

7. Once all sections have been completed, give titles for each group of sticky notes

8. Blind Dot Voting based on importance.

9. Discuss how the most important items affect the desired end-state. Write How might we... questions for the implications that come up.

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