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Workshop Tactics

Workshop exercises for Agile teams

Workshop Tactics are carefully curated workshop techniques from successful businesses around the world. Now you can run better meetings and workshops, and get the most out of your team. The physical Workshop Tactics deck comes with the Workshop Strategy system that gives you guidance on which tactic to run and when.


Goals Goals

Agree on a desired end-state to work towards, so daily activity is moving you in the right direction.

Understand Understand

Unpack problems and discover insights with critical and analytical thinking exercises.

Frame Frame

Articulate your problem or experiment in a clear way, so as to make it easier to start solving or testing.

Ideas Ideas

Encourage coming up with lots of ideas, then refine the best into more detail.

Evaluate Evaluate

Assess problems or ideas against certain criteria to understand them better.

Decide Decide

Prioritise ideas or problems based on your needs in order to decide what to focus on.

Discuss Discuss

Facilitate discussion to gain a better understanding of a team and progress towards goals.

Technique Technique

Core techniques that are fundamental to facilitating a successful workshop.

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Is your team missing this decision-making system?

When you pull out Workshop Tactics from your bag - you'll have the power to guide your team to make the right move. 

The Workshop Strategy system helps you choose the right tactic, so you can literally hand your team the answer on a card.

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