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Workshop Tactics

Stakeholder Map

 Stakeholder Map

1. Create a Prioritisation Map with Power and Interest on the two axes:

Stakeholder Map Diagram

Power: a stakeholder’s level of influence in the system—how much they can direct or coerce a project and other stakeholders.

Interest: the degree to which a stakeholder will be affected by the project.

2. Create a list of stakeholder groups by answering the following questions:

• Who will be impacted by the project?

• Who will be responsible or accountable for the project?

• Who will have decision authority on the project?

• Who can support the project?

• Who can obstruct the project?

• Who has been involved in this type of project in the past?

3. Map the list on the grid based on their relative power and interest.

4. Discuss specific strategies for each stakeholder:

• Who needs to be informed of what, and when?

• Who needs to be consulted about what, and when?

• Who is responsible for engaging each stakeholder, when and how will they do it?

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