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Workshop Tactics

Workshop Tactics Preorder

Workshop Tactics Preorder

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First edition pre-order, ships in Spring 2020.

Use Workshop Tactics to confidently create workshop strategies that solve your team's problems. You'll always know which workshop to pull out of your back pocket!

  • 56 Workshop Tactics Cards
  • Workshop Strategy system 
  • 3.5" x 5.75" 400gsm matte finished card

Plastic free and recyclable packaging

We strive to have a completely plastic free footprint. All of our packaging materials are 100% recyclable and made from at least 90% reusable sources.

The Pip, Blob and Frodge guarantee. 

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Get your team unstuck

When you're unsure what's best for your team, you can feel stuck. With Workshop Tactics, you'll be able to confidently give your team direction, and make meetings people love.

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Liv Morris

Senior Project Manager at Dept Agency.

“We needed a way of deciding which type of session or workshop to run, to get the most out of the time with our clients”

I found that having something physical and tactile to work with, especially with more than one person, was very engaging. Bringing them to a meeting or to workshop planning was quite a fun way to decide which session route to go down.

I find the Workshop Strategy card at the start the most useful. I pull that out first and ask each question to the group, and then we decide on which card groups to pick out, read and choose to use.

It's great for team engagement - it makes sure everyone feels included in the workshop and therefore bought into the process.

I definitely recommend getting them. The cards have helped facilitate a number of workshop prep meetings. I have also used them in my project management community of practice to discuss different ways of running our company and department retrospectives.

Always know what to do next

There’s a tactic for every occasion when it comes to solving problems as a team. The Workshop Strategy system gets you to right tactic at the right time. 

Diagnose what you need

Understand what stage you're at in your project with the Workshop Strategy system.

Pick the best tactic

Navigate to the right category and pick tactics that will help you.

Try it out with your team

When you're done - follow the advice on what to do next.

Simon Hurst

UX Researcher at Department for Education Digital.

“I don't naturally think to run a workshop and feel like I'm not skilled or qualified to do so.”

I thought that they'd be an 'expensive' waste of time - that I wouldn't use them. Or that they wouldn't be any better than anything else out there that's freely available online.

And actually - I really like them, I think the main benefit to them is the grouping into the different types of methods you can use to tackle your current situation.

The how to use the cards guide is nice and simple, they can be kept on me and browsed, not hidden on a website. Allowing a group to self facilitate/choose an approach.

I'd recommend them because of their clarity and simplicity.

With Workshop Tactics, you'll...

Empower your team

A team with Workshop Tactics in their back pocket feels confident on what to do next, and how.

Be a confident decision maker

Knowing that you're running the best session your team or project needs makes life far less stressful.

Never get stuck

You'll have reassurance that you'll always have something in your back pocket, even when Google or your bookmarks fail you.

Craig Connell

Product Designer at

“I wanted to upskill the team in our design and workshops, but I thought they seemed quite pricey.”

Would they be used? Would they sit on the desk looking pretty? As a result of buying them, there's been good team excitement about something tangible we could use to learn new workshop techniques together. It feels like a good way of having an agreed approach to an individual workshop, rather than a mashup of techniques.

What I like most are the different sections. If I'm in a particular design phase I can have a browse and see if anything pops out.

Workshop Tactics are great for team alignment, upskilling and most of all they attract attention, so get others inspired.

Understand problems in detail

Unpack problems and discover insights with critical and analytical thinking exercises.

Give direction by creating goals

Agree on a desired end-state to work towards, so daily activity is moving you in the right direction.

Frame challenges as solvable questions

Articulate your problem or experiment in a clear way, to make it easier to start solving or testing.

Generate and develop ideas

Encourage the creation of lots of ideas, then refine the best into more detail.

Evaluate the good, bad and the ugly

Assess problems or ideas against certain criteria to understand how to improve or solve them.

Prioritise and make decisions together

Prioritise ideas or problems based on what's important in order to decide what to focus on.

Have meaningful discussion

Give structure to conversation, and create a chance for your team to reflect on what's going well and what's not.

Core facilitation techniques

Unless you're an expert, workshops can feel daunting. Having the core techniques to hand ensures you'll become a meeting master in no time.


At first, I didn't have a flavour of how the cards were structured, or what the most popular cards were. But now they have become a useful resource to refer to when planning a session with the team. What I like most is the grouping of the activities and referencing interconnected tactics that compliment each other. They are also great for sharing experiences with others of using them. I've had other colleagues running a session because they've used tactics. This means better team work as a result! I'd highly recommend Workshop Tactics, they are a great way to encourage people to think about outcomes and structures of sessions. It offers clear practical steps to try out a new session.

– Rachael Shah, Delivery Manager, Co-op

The price seemed quite steep. But after using them, they have proven their worth and added value to my practice. Its an easy to use card format, with well developed instructions. They work well for me - I have the general experience of facilitation but I value the ways of structuring conversations I find in the cards. The best benefit is how the cards tie together and can be used in a chain. I'd recommend Workshop Tactics. The structures are tried and tested and work well.

– Richard Sullivan, Agile Coach - Co-op.

The best benefit of Workshop Tactics is it gives other colleagues confidence in having a go. Just picking up the pack I could hear some of the team saying how they remember times when they’ve experienced some of these tactics. I'd definitely recommend them, and I have been doing to everyone! I thinks it’s almost like a community practice for tactics. Worthwhile everyone being on the same page. I really enjoy even just thumbing through the set.

– Emma Wailes, UX Designer

The way we run workshops has evolved over the years but we’ve never really had anything down on paper that we can share with people new to the team. The strategy card in particular is most useful to help you find which set of tactics you need to look at. I'd absolutely recommend Workshop Tactics. There’s a lot of well communicated techniques here and the easy-to-use strategy makes running workshops feel a lot more accessible.

– James Lindeman, Design Director

I wasn't sure if they would be that useful at first. But now they are my go to tool. They are an easy reference point for tactics. How they are grouped is extremely helpful to find which card to use.

– Tom Newton, Principle UX Designer

Workshop Tactics is really useful for mentoring others as I can share the right technique to use for their particular workshop objective. It's great for being spontaneous and reacting to workshop situations better.

– Brad Legge, Agile Transformation Consultant.